Oil Problem 1

We were in Breganca, a large town in Northern Portugal and I noticed we had a fine coating of oil around the rear of the motorhome. on further inspection I found an oil leak under the engine.

We were heading for a supermarket that morning and I saw a garage close by the supermarket, so I went in and asked if they would take a look for me. They found that the oil cooler was leaking. The garage couldn't get me a spare part for some reason and they did a temporary repair saying it would get me home and to get a replacement by my local mechanic.

Heading Home

Heading home towards France, we stopped on a Spanish motorway for a break, and when I turned the ignition on I found the oil reading showing empty. To cut a long story short, after buying large quantities of oil, we ended up limping up to Santander ferry port having to stop every 30 miles to top up with oil.

Where are we going

We did manage to catch a ferry that night, they had closed the gates when we got there, but they opened up for us and rushed us through.   I was so stressed out at this point it wasn't until we were sailing that I asked where the ship was going.

Home sweet home

Back home I had a new oil cooler fitted but we were in no hurry to go away for a while, my copilot never wanted to go back to Spain ever again.

Oil Preblem 2      -     1 year on

The copilot said she didn't want to go back to Portugal, it was too far. We were going to France and meeting another couple at Lake Annercy about 10 days later and this would give us time to slowly make our way down and across France, we were in no hurry.

Oil spot

Four days into our trip we woke up to find a small amount of oil under the engine, this was not good for our nerves having had to deal with a huge oil problem last year. I moved the motorhome forward a couple of feet and we then went for coffee.

2 Oil spots

On our return we had gained another oil spot.   A large breakdown vehicle arrived later and took us to their depot where we spent the next five nights

The french garage found that the engine had been over filled with oil (which is nearly as bad as have too little oil) They also found a small hole in a fuel pipe.
It took nine days to get the new fuel pipe. The garage even sent a man to get a new part, he took the faulty one with him to make sure he got the right one and he managed to return with the wrong part.

After 5 days waiting for a new part, we asked if they would do a temporary fix so we could go to a campsite, I cant begin to tell you how nice it was to get away from that garage.

Day nine

On day nine we had the new pipe fitted and headed for Lake Annercy

We did end up in Portugal again, the copilot was not happy going through Spain again but all went well, we even managed to take the ferry home that we were booked on.


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Our favourite Destination

France is our favourite place to go, I love the open spaces, the food, the gorges, the weather, the cheaper cost of living, the smell, and the best bit about France is that I can get there by ferry.

If you are going to France, then I can strongly reccommend this website