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The Simple Concept

All over France farmers and wine-growers invite you to stopover freely on their property, day or night, for up to 24hrs. Each host signs an invitation for one year, reserved exclusively for France Passion members travelling in a self-sufficient (water, waste, rubbish) motorhome. To use this extraordinary campervan stopover network, all that is required is to say "Hello" and "Thank you" and to have the current France Passion guide.

Having said that

Last year (2015) we tried to use France Passion 4 times and were only successful once. I must say it has put us off the whole thing. I think the main problem is that the property owners decide they don't want to bother with France Passion anymore, they take down the FP signs on their property but they don't bother to inform anyone. We wasted a lot of our holiday time travelling long distances to FP locations in the book that no longer existed. Then you spend a lot more time finding an alternative.

Perhaps we were just unlucky

Guidebook contents

Your guest card.
The Stopover Guide, updated annually, which comprises:
20 regional maps
Access information
GPS Coordinates for each entry
Facilities available on site
The host's occupation
Indications on which hosts provide meals
The current year's window sticker
Map of France showing all stopover sites

passion sticker

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