Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back to about 40,000 years ago. Isotopic analysis of the skeletal remains of Tianyuan man, a 40,000-year-old modern human from eastern Asia, has shown that he regularly consumed freshwater fish. Archaeology features such as shell middens, discarded fish bones, and cave paintings show that sea foods were important for survival and consumed in significant quantities.

Pole fishing - Sri Lanka

Net Fishing - Asia

During this period, most people lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and were, of necessity, constantly on the move. However, where there are early examples of permanent settlements (though not necessarily permanently occupied) they are almost always associated with fishing as a major source of food.

Roy and Laurence fish for freshwater fish like carp, tench, roach and bream. These are not normally eaten as they tend to be muddy to the pallett. Our aim is to catch more fish and bigger.

* Largest catch *

Largest catch to date is by Roy, a 16lb Common Carp from The Viaduct Fisheries Somerton, on the 30th August 2017

Goodiford Mill

Kentisbeare, Cullompton, EX15 2AS,
tel: 01884 266 065.
Day Ticket from £7

Specimin Carp Lake
Match Lake
Silver Lake
Must pre-book via website


Viaduct Fisheries

TA11 6LJ
tel: 01458274022
Email : viaductfisheries@

Spring and Middle Lakes
Cary Lake
Cambell Lake
Match Lake
Lodge Lake
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Milton Farm Ponds

EX14 3HE
tel: 07977 940443
4 Ponds
Carp to 12lb