Staying on a campsite gives you the opportunity to plug into the mains electricity and use their shower and toilet block. This all comes with a price of about £15 - £25 per night in the UK. In France and other European countries they tend to be cheaper and often have a swimming pool (as its usually warmer)
When staying on a campsite you can often see people traipsing to and from the toilet block (in their P J's with crocks on) their towel slung over the shoulder and toilet bag in hand, they usually come from a motorhome or caravan that has its own facilities. Now I have on a few rare occasions done this myself (paid for it so I'll use it), but I much prefer the privacy of my own facilities and you don't have to go far to do it.

The advantage of a campsite over most other types of camping is the security, as they are usually locked during the night, and for some people it would be high on their priority list.


The disadvantage of a campsite is the cost, they are much dearer than any other form of camping. In the UK you can expect to pay between £18 to £30 for a night, so over say 3 weeks this will mount up to something like £500 or more.
We spent 5 weeks in France Spain and Portugal and spent less than £60 on campsites & Aires, no wonder so many people take their motorhomes to Europe.

"How is it one careless match can start a forest fire
but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?"


Certificated Location
Cl's are connected to The Caravan & Motorhome Club, or The Camping & Caravanning Club. They are small sites with only 5 pitches. They can be just a field with a water tap, or they could have a small toilet block with shower. The prices usually depend on what facilities are available but they tend to be cheaper than campsites. Prices range from £5 to £20

ACSI - Your off-season discount card

Camping Card ACSI is a discount card that lets you camp up to 50% cheaper in low season. In 2015 you can camp at no fewer than 2940 campsites in 20 European countries. You will pay one of the four fixed, low rates in early and late seasons. You will therefore always pay less than the lowest rate that the campsite offers in low season!

Points of Interest

If you have a smart phone then you may be interested to know that there is a website where you can download lots of POI's and view them on a map. The (poi's) are editable and they give you the gps co-ords in 2 formats for each location. So where ever you are, France, Spain, Portugal, England etc etc, you can use your phone or iPad, with an APP called "" and see where POI's are near you. It works without being connected to the internet

Download the App "" it will cost all of £1.60 ish. Then whilst you are near a Wifi spot open your mapsme app and zoom in on the countries you are going to visit, it will ask if you would like to download a more detailed map, which you want to do. When this is done you are ready for the POI files. I find the easiest way to get the poi files into your app is to email them to yourself onto your phone and then open the files into

Add your own POI's

As you go along, add your own poi's to the map, plotting your holiday route or adding more data to an existing poi file.
The files you need to download are ".KML" or ".KMZ" files, the .kml files will also work in Google Earth.

The website is called "POI-PLAZA" From this website you can download thousands of interesting POI's, from Restaurants to Banks and everything in between. Just pick the ".KML" files when shown.

8000+ POI's

At present I have over 8000 poi's in 11 files on my "" app. You can turn them on or off so they are no all showing at the same time and you can also give them different coloured pins.

I have wild camping spots in the UK, Campsites in France Spain and Portugal, LPG stations in Europe etc etc.



Often you need two levelers under the back or front tyres, or under the left or right side. Sometimes one leveler on a corner will do the trick.


Refillable gas bottles are a must if you want to travel in europe for more than 2 weeks, as uk gas is unobtainable over there.

Our favourite Destination

France is our favourite place to go, I love the open spaces, the food, the gorges, the weather, the cheaper cost of living, the smell, and the best bit about France is that I can get there by ferry.

If you are going to France, then I can strongly reccommend this website