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In the right column is a small list of rare and un-common birds we have been lucky enough to see in the wild. Hopefully the list will grow.

Eagles are Us

It has to be said, we do enjoy watching the birds wherever we go. I was always interested in wild birds and I did collect the odd egg or two as a young lad. Our trips to Scotland in particular are mostly about seeing the bird life. The Isle of Mull is a great place to see wild birds that you wouldn't see in other parts of the UK.

On our trip to Mull in May 2016, We saw 24 Sea Eagles, 2 Golden Eagles, and a male Hen Harrier. As you may know, you would be very lucky to see any Eagles in England, and the Hen Harrier is a rare bird.

White Tailed Sea Eagle

The Sea Eagle, also called the White Tailed Sea Eagle is known as the flying barn door, due to the size and shape of its wings in flight. It is the largest bird of prey in the British Isles. Young birds don't have a white tail or head until they are full adults. They start breading when they are 5/6 years old.

The Heron

The Heron is not a rare bird, but still great to see as it will only feed in water that has plenty of fish in it. The Isle of Mull is awash with Herons due to the abundance of food. They eat small fish, frogs, newts, small snakes and most small creatures that live near, or in the water

The Grey Heron

The Corncrake

In May / June 2017 we returned to Mull and were blessed with hearing and seeing the Corncrake. I spoke to a local ferryman and he said they can keep you awake at night as they will call all night long. We also had the pleasure of seeing Golden Eagles, White Tailed Sea Eagles, Gannets, Greylag Geese, Stags, and two Sea Otters.

Male Bullfinch

RSPB Minsmere

Minsmere on the Suffolk coast is well worth a visit if you like bird watching, all ages can enjoy themselves here as there is so much to see and do.
We visited Minsmere in 2015 and we saw many birds we had never seen before, Bitterns, Marsh Harriers and Cetti's warbler. My main goal was to see a Bearded Tit but I was not lucky, we will return and I will try again.

We returned to Minsmere in April 2017 seeing 4 otters, Blackcaps, Bitterns, and Marsh Harriers, but no Bearded Tits

Little Bunting

I had a Little Bunting on one of my feeders in April 2017, a very rare bird for the UK. This was confirmed by the local paper running an article about a rare bird in the area.


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