We don't have all the high tec equipement that is sometimes visible around the fisheries we frequent, we use basic cheap rods and reels, but we are now catching bigger fish than we have in the past.

We fish day ticket waters and tend to go for Carp most of the time, although we also like to catch Roach, Tench, Chub, Barbel, Pike and Perch. (not necessarily in that order :-)


I have been fishing since a boy and have caught some nice fish over the years but they have never been weighed until now (2017)

River fishing venues include The Thames, The Hampshire Avon, The River Trent, The River Otter, The Medway, The Eden Brook, and Sea to name a few.

taken from a private lake near Peterborough

Fishing with just a hook on the line is something I do often. I like catching Chub with worm in small rivers, the sport can be very exciting. I also use it with bread crust or flake to catch carp on the surface.

As a boy I went on the bus to the river Thames at Kingston, my mother had packed a thermos full of Mulligatawny soup, I can't remember what fish I caught that day but I do remeber that soup, YUK

I have never caught a Barbel, but hope to do so soon as time is running out.


Nice mirror from Goodiford Mill

I started on my journey when I was a young lad of 8 at my uncles in Southgate, North London and he made me a rod out of bamboo and curtain rings with this I went with my cousins to a pond in Southgate lake and was soon hooked into perch and the hobby of fishing.
This then continued in my home town of Horsham in Sussex, where I went most days either down to the local red river or the pond on the estate, and then further afield to other ponds and rivers almost daily from the age of 8 to 13 catching perch, roach, rudd, dace, pike, gudgeon, eels just to name a few.

I also went sea fishing from the rocks on scout camps for wrasse and pollack but unfortunately this then came to a close with the advent of girls and motorbikes.

The second phase started in the Sicily Isles when I obtained two small extending rods for my sons which they used off the rocks and caught wrasse and pollack and then on the next holiday in France at my brother-in-laws I used the same rods in the local farmers pond and was again hooked into the sport.
The purchase of a lake in central France was my next phase. A two acre lake set in a five acre plot, this contained all sorts of carp up to about 7 lb. Also perch roach and a few other sorts. Unfortunately this phase did not last for long as my wife was not well and needed more care and attention, so the lake was sold. The next phase is when I retired and moved down to Somerset where I decided to revisit my fishing days and also started beach fishing which is entirely different but at least you can eat the proceeds I have also tried chalk stream fishing where I have caught perch and grayling and match fishing in Northampton area where I have fought roach carp tench and barbel.

Best baits for me

These are another favorite of mine, many types of fish go for a worm and I have caught some fine chub from Hackstead, Surrey with just a hook and worm on the line.

Floating Crust
I have never failed to catch carp on floating crust or bread flake. Crust will stay on the surface where flake will sink quite soon
My favourite fishing method is to just tie a hook to the line and stick a chunk of bread crust on, dip it in the water to get some weight, then flick it out close to the margins where the carp will be.